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Senior Massage/Comfort Touch Therapy


The Language of Touch is universal and does not discriminate against age. Older people need to be touched as we all do and Senior Massage is a wonderful way to provide this nurturing, life giving gift.


The blessings of Senior massage are numerous. Massage benefits seniors by encouraging circulation, decreasing muscular stiffness, and helping to decrease inflammation that may result in the joints. It also treats many typical conditions that arise with age- such as arthritis, skin discoloration, muscle and bone deterioration, tendonitis, bursitis, and respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema. 

Clients are well cared for with a non-intrusive massage requiring no clothing removal. Senior massage is performed in the client's own relaxing environment while seated in their favorite chair or lying in bed.


"The benefits of enjoying the simple pleasure of human touch and company for just a brief period of time is priceless for many seniors, especially those feeling lonely or depressed. Careful Senior massage can help provide the elderly with symptomatic relief and enable seniors to extend the vitality in their lives."


* Remembering Spirit: Caring for the ever growing, ever changing human spirit *

Loneliness is the pain we get when we want but do not have companionship

Helplessness is the feeling we get when we receive, but do not give care

Boredom is the feeling we get when our lives lack creativity and spontaneity


Senior massage restores a calm mind and feeling of well-being!

Senior massage/Comfort Touch Therapy is a service provided by Tranquil Journeys Massage exclusively for Retirement/Health/Nursing/Home Care and Assisted Living facilities.


Benefits to Clients/Resident

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved lymph circulation
  • Increased range of motion for the joints
  • Injury prevention [from falls]
  • Reduction of muscle adhesions [knots]
  • Promotes a sense of well-being
  • Affordable

Benefits to Care Facilities

  • Demonstrates concern for well-being of Residents
  • Implements non-pharmacological approaches to pain reduction and discomfort
  • Improves communication among Residents and Staff
  • Affordable


Senior/Comfort Touch Massage Pricing 

90min $64         45min $45

Senior/Comfort Touch massage is especially appropriate for the elderly and chronically ill, or anyone seeking relief from the stresses of daily life. This type of massage will focus on easing the physical and emotional pains as well as enhance the quality of life for anyone in need of a caring touch. It may be performed in a wheelchair, a hospital or regular bed, in a recliner or chair.

This form of massage does not require clothing removal and can be performed without oil, lotion or cream if desired.

These prices are valid for travel within Blooming Prairie and the surrounding area including Austin, Ellendale, Geneva, Bixby, Lansing, Pratt and Owatonna. Further travel is available, though an additional fee may apply. Call for a no-obligation quote today.


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